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I used to be very motivated in going to the gym and was fit and healthy. Work took over and I gave up going to the gym over 2 years ago. I had put on 10kgs and was feeling quite frumpy. I had a session with Kirby and she covered different aspects of my life and the one thing my mind took away from the session was a renewed motivation for the gym. I joined up to a gym shortly after and 5 months later I’m 10.5kgs lighter and back on track eating healthy and so much more motivated to stay fit and healthy. Thank you Kirby soooo much for your assistance!

Kat Reynolds

Kirby was sensational! I have lost a dress size after being hypnotized for weight issues, and i've managed to give up all those 'had to have' treats that were holding me back. Couldn't be happier, thanks Kirby!

Serena Curnock

My husband and I both quit cigarettes after seeing West Empower just once.
We both had relied on smoking to avoid emotional scarring that we both had from past worries, and West Empower helped us with internal reprogramming of our thoughts around the habit. We both now lead healthy happy lives post cigarettes.

Taroom Couple